Foundry Project Consultancy

Foundry Project Consultancy

Sourcing-India has been involved in projects in almost all areas of casting and machining.

  • Experience of project implementation ranging from Rs.15 crores to Rs. 100 crores.
  • Experience in setting up of foundries for various product categories including automotive castings, sanitary castings, pipe fittings.
  • Handling projects with a range of casting weights from below 1 kg to 8000 kgs. per piece.
  • Setting up of scalable foundry projects from 300 tons per month capacity to 4500 tons per month capacity.
  • Experience in setting up and operations of different processes including green sand, semi-automatic machine molding, high-pressure lines greens and molding lines, no bake molding processes, cold box and hot box processes.

Sourcing-India believes in delivering projects based on the 'Value Engineering' approach focusing on the total cost of ownership.

Our project design strives to strike a balance between the traditional Vaastu concepts with the modern industrial engineering concepts to deliver an unobstructed production system. Our electrical design and equipment selection take care of optimum use of power, thus having a direct effect on manufacturing cost.

With more than 15 implemented projects and 5 ongoing projects, Sourcing-India has established its credentials in this area.