A venture from Apex Foundry Solutions

About Us

Sourcing-India is a venture by "Apex Foundry Solutions” to act as an outsourcing solution provider for mid & small size organizations in India and overseas. The organization along with its associates has more than 20 years of techno-commercial expertise in the fields of product development along with procurement, vendor development, greenfield projects for manufacturing setup, production and process engineering, QC and QA processes in the foundry industry. The parent company “Apex Foundry Solutions" was incorporated in 2011, and has been successful in creating recognition in the foundry industries of eastern India.

Our Vision

The vision of Sourcing-India is to act as a cost-effective single-window outsourcing solution provider for MSME’s in the area of sourcing of castings, Inventory management solutions, Industrial lighting Solutions, IT solutions, and Consultancy services in project and process development.

Our Services

Our Expertise in Five Key Vertical where we deliver the excellence with unmatched quality of Process, Product and Service for the Industry.

Sourcing of

Sourcing-India has capabilities to help identify, shortlist and on-board sourcing partners for customers who have requirements for un-machined and machined casted components.

Inventory Management Solutions

The need for the inventory management module was an outcome of our experience gathered while working with our customers for project implementation and total cost of ownership optimisations.

Foundry Project Consultancy

Our project design strives to strike a balance between the traditional Vaastu concepts with the modern industrial engineering concepts to deliver an unobstructed production system. Our electrical design and equipment selection takes care of optimum use of power thus having a direct effect on manufacturing cost.

Industrial Lighting Solution

We at Sourcing-India assist you to select the required lighting for your intended purpose as per compliance of IS standard. We also help you in procuring lighting fixtures and the right wattage and quality of LED lights.


Enterprise related data collection, curation and mining has become a compulsion for the MSMEs in the present scenario of competiveness. This whole process has a lot of inherent challenges.